Aquatina water bottles are a collapsible water bottle that will fit in your pocket or handbag. It is rigid, sturdy, can be used as a cup, is BPA and PET free and now available in Australia.

How it started...
My name is Sarah. I lived in the UK for 34 years and decided to emigrate to Australia. Before my travels I went gadget shopping and found the Aquatina water bottle in a camping store.

Aquatina was started in the UK, has been on the Dragons Den (tv programme) and is now being sold in many retail outlets throughout the world. 

I am an urban traveller (I love wandering city streets) and I hate carrying a heavy water bottle that is covered in condensation and gets my stuff damp. The Aquatina is perfect for me because it fits in my handbag and when I am thirsty I go to a water fountain and fill up. I don't get my hair wet trying to drink from the fountain and I don't have to carry a big empty bottle. I also find them great for protein shakes!!

When I got to Australia I noticed there were loads of water fountains, but nowhere retailing Aquatina water bottes. This is why I decided to import them to Australia. 

Why buy Aquatina?

Commercial bottled water takes a lot of resources to produce and it produces a lot of waste.Buying a refillable bottle that is BPA ad PET free is just a start. The Aquatina can be a rigid bottle or cup to drink from. It can ale be folded down flat, which means it will fit in most pockets and is convenient to carry around. Its great for using at fountains!